Harap Fund:

The Harap Fund is an endowed fund that was given by Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Harap (parents of Michelle Harap, Class of 1989) to assist students with expenses related to students research projects.

To apply, each student must submit a one-page proposal that includes an abstract of the project and a detailed list of expenses for which she is applying. Applicants should also include the name of their advisor on their proposal.

At the end of the project, the student must submit a report on the expenditures and write a thank you to the Haraps that briefly explains her project and how she spent the money. The student also needs to include the Haraps in the acknowledgments of the thesis or paper.

All research expenses are eligible for funding. There are no arbitrary restrictions on use of money, but students should be aware that we do not have enough money to fund major expenses. All students working on research supervised by a member of the department are eligible to apply for funds. However, undergraduates have priority over graduate students.

There are two deadlines for submitting applications: December 15 (2/3 of the year's money will be awarded at this date) and March 1 (1/3 of the year's money will be awarded at this date). If there is any money left at the end of the semester, the Department will discuss using the extra money to support summer research.

Thomas Reese Fund:

Students should be aware that there is also money available from the Thomas Reese Fund. The Dean of College’s Office administers this fund. The application letter for the Harap Fund can also be used for the Reese fund. The only additional piece of information needed is the course that the work is connected to. This fund is administered year round, so the sooner applications are received, the better the chances are that an application will be approved. The contact person for this fund is Nancy Larson in the Dean of the College’s Office (ext. 2481)