Climate Change Links




Forest Restoration


Joshua May


Climate of Hope 

Drawdown (100 Answers) - List of 100 Solutions (but read the book)

Truth to Power Invonvenient Sequal

Falter - Negative on prospects


Five College

Amherst College Sustainability

Hampshire College Sustainability or fun video Ten Things Green

Hampshire College - Kern Center

Mount Holyoke College or Student's Environmental Action Coalition

MHC - Miller Worley Center for the Environment

MHC - E&E Publishing by subscription but free from MHC campus

MHC - on campus action More More

MHC - on campus action

Smith College Environmental Sustainability

Smith College Campus

UMASS Campus Sustainability Initiave



Boston "Greenovate"

Boston Map Explorer Tool 

Carbon Tax in Cannada

Carbon Pricing Bill Comparison on Capitol Hill

Caucus for Climate Change - in the US Congress

Clean Air Act

Clean Energy Center -(Mass) Announcements - All Programs

Clean Water Act

 Clean Energy Corps at Umass - Energy Audits for Towns

Climatelinks - Knowledge Portal USAID

Comissioons Local South Hadley Northampton Amherst Holyoke Greenfield

Department of Defence - on Climate Change

EPA - Post 2016 - Setbacks - NYT

Office of Energy Eefficiency and Renewable Energy

Department of Energy - Residential and Big Picture Info.

EU - Climate Change Program

Executivew Office of Energy and Environmental Allairs - Mass Gov.

Federal Highway Administration

Federal Tax Incentives - Energy Star Incentives

Fish and Wildlife Service

Global Change Program

Green Communities - 2017 update with links Becoming a GC

Greennouse Gass Emissions

Heat Smart Program - Mass CEC

Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change - UN

Jobs - Clean Energy - EERE

MARESPONDS - Health and Emergency Response

Mass State and Town Programs (141) More Other States

Mass Clean Energy Center - Announcements - All Programs

Mass Air Source Heat Pump Rebates - Mini Splits

Muni Helps - Rebates from SHELD (South Hadley)

NASA - Looks at Earth

National Institute of Environmental Health

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Obama's Record on Climate Change

South Hadley Sustaimability and Energy Commissiom

UN - UN - on climate change

UN Food and Agriculture


U.S. Energy Information Administration - Stats and info on All types of Energy

USGS - Science for Changing the World

Webinars from MA state - All thing energy saving

World Health Organization



45 Sustainability Resources - Great links (not in Mass) with descriptions

314 Action - STEM folks into Politics

350 - CO2 reduction

475 High Performance Building Supply

AIA Urgent Climate Action

ACEEE - Amerocan Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Adaption to CC - Global Center on Adaptation

Alan Betts - VT Climate Chance Activist

American Institute of Physics - Climate change

Answers to Climate Change Questions NYT

API - American Petroleum Institute - Source Watch

Architecture - Bullitt Center - "Greenest in the World"

Archeticts and Ethics

Billions in Change - Water Energy Agriculture Health

Brookings on Climate Change

Carbon Brief - Energy - check other sections

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Removal - The New Yorker

Carbon Project Global

Carbon Pricing Bill Comparison on Capitol Hill

Carbon Offests - next four

Carbon removal Feasability

Cool Planet Offsets

World Wildlife Fund Carbon Offsets

Carbon Tax Center

Chalenge of Climate Change - Peril and Promise PBS series

Cities - Future of

Cities - Shareable future

Cities (Clean) DOE Publications

Cities (clean) NREL

Cities Sinking

Citizens' Climate Lobby - Working for a Carbon Fee and Distribution Federal Law

Center for Biological Diversity

Clean Techies

Climate Action Network - Mass

Climate Action Now - Western Mass

Climate Central

Climate Change and Development

Climate Change Fact Sheets - Center for Sustainable Systems Univ. Michigan

Climate Change Graphics - 2016

Climate Change - NYT article

Climate Change News - 55 Sources anotated

Climate Progress

Climate Reality Project - Grassroots Orgination Development

Climate Reanalyzer - Good Maps and Graphics

Climate x Change - Carbon pricing

Colleges Going Green

Conservation International

Cool Roof DOE

Cool Roof EPA

Cool Roof Green Building

Earth 911 - Hopeful Ideas on reuse

Earth Talk

Earth Wise - NPR radiio show


Education - for Green Careers

Education URLs

Green Degrees and Careers
Going Green on Campus
Pursuing Green Careers Green Careers and Options
Green Careers Guidebook
Careers in Biotechnology
Resources for Students with Green Degrees
How to Go Green at School
Going Green on Campus Guide
Career Path for Green Careers
Pursuing Green Careers

E&E News - Greenwire and other Environmental news services (some need a subscriptioon)

Energy Audit - Mass Save residence must use IOU (Investor owned utility)

Energy Collective

Energy Policy Institute

Ener-G-Save - Thermal imaging of homes. Not available in South Hadley

Environmental Defence Fund - Victories

Environmental Law Institrute

Environment Massachusetts

Evaporative Cooling - AC with less cost

Falter - Bill McKibben

Famine - How can the Earth support 9 billion people?

Flood Damage Minimising

Flood Safety Manual

Federal Tax Incentives - Energy Star Incentives

Forests For All

Gas Equipment Rebates - Columbia Gas in MA

Geoengineering - More 5/5/19

Giving in Developing Areas - How to

Global Effects

Going Green - local newspaper

Green Communities Mass. - How to Become One

Green Roof Technology

Green Technology

Green Technology Links

Green Corps - school for and doing of environmental organization

Greening Greenfield

Gristmill - Little of everything

Growing a Greener World - Gardening

the Guardian - Articles

Harvard Univ. paper on Climate change by Robert O. Keohane

Health and Climate Change

Heat Exchangers - Lunos Tru the Wall

Heat Pump Rebates

Hitchcock Center - Amherst tours of Living Building

Home Building - What to look for

Home Heating Tips

Hope - Good News Stories

Indoor Farming - PBS

Inside Climate Change News

Insulation Institute

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Isulation R values

Jobs - Green Jobs List

Jobs Network

Living on Earth - National Public Radio climate change program

LED Fluorescent Bulbs

Leed Buildings

Mass Climate Action Network - Grassroots organization

Mass Energy Insight 

MEI User Guide - Training 

Mass Save - Helps Mass. residents on energy costs and audits

Migration Driven by Climate Change

Mothers Out Front

National Academy of Sciences

NASA - Looks at Earth

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA

National Resources Defence Council

National Weather Service 

Nature Magazine

Net Xero Energy Buildings 

Net Zero House - Alexi Arrango

Net Zero Project - Insulation

New England Grassroots Environment Fund

Nextgen Climate

N.E. Sustainable Energy Association - in Greenfield

No Country on Earth is Taking Climate Targets Seriously

Nova - Earth from Space

NYT article on carbon capture - HOPEFUL

NYT Short Answers to Climate Change Questions

NYT What Can You Do

Opinion on Climate Change - How to Shift

Pace Energy and Climate Center

Passive House Institute

Passive House Resource

Planet Worth  - Migration - Water - Food

Polluter Watch

Pipelines - gas

Real Climate - Science oriented

Real Estate Agents who are Green

Recycling - Apple Computer Products

Renewables - The Road to 100%

Resources for the Future

Retrofit Whole House - in Mass

Sinking Cities

Skeptical Science - Misinformation rebuttal

Software - Shows How Various Climate Solutions Effect Fuel usage - EN-Roads

Students' Guide to Global Warming - For Kids

Toilets - What not to Flush

Trees - Itree (see also Forest)

Tree Hugger

Tree Planting in Cold Areas - Bad for the Climate - NYT

Uninhabitable Earth (New York Magazine) - Why too negative - Podcast

Union of Concerned Scientists - Global warming

University of Chicago Energy Policy Institute - Events Recordings Good

Urban Conversation - answers for cities

Utiltiies and Solar - NYT

Water -usage

Water from Fog - More MIT

What Can One Do - about climate change - More from 180

Wildlife Conservation Society

Windows almost as Efficient as a Wall - at R5 not true but better than most windows

Windows - Efficient Windows Collaborative

Windows - R value

Windows - Gov. Site

Windows R5 Tripple or Double

Winlet or Window Inserts - (winlet) interior storm windows - you can also DIY

Winlet - DIY

Without Hot Air - Sustainable energy

Woods Hole Reasearch Center

World Bank

World Food Programme

World Resource Institute

World Watch Institute - Vital Signs

Yale Environment 360

Yale site Moyers-Leiserowitz great talk on climate change

Zero Energy Project - Education for Home Builders and Buyers

Zero Net Energy Homes - Cost Compared to Normal Construction

Zero Home Future