The Artist Hannah Morrow


Hannah especially likes to work with acrylics on canvas, although the sketch of her father, shown on the linked page, was done with pencil on paper a few years ago. She has studied visual arts with Lora Barrett of the Holyoke Public Schools and with Cindi Sperry (now at the Williston-Northampton School) at the Guild Studio of Northampton. She is also a piano and clarinet student, and she loves soccer and horseback riding. Click here for some samples of Hannah's art work. More photos of Hannah and friends are below.


See Halloween 2000

See Hannah's National Junior Honor Society Induction 2001

Hannah plays the game of "Chairs"

 She readies for careful placement - Is she high enough?



Here is Hannah with her godsiblings, Dan & Joanna Miles.

 Hannah with friend Flipper, 1998.



 Hannah returns, 2001.