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Sketch by Hannah Morrow

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I am currently Director of SummerMath and Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at Mount Holyoke College. I share the directorship position of SummerMath, a program for young women in high school, with Char Morrow.

Math 120, Explorations in Geometry was last taught in the Spring Term 2008. The web pages were intended for students in that class, but try doing the Labs. A Calculus I web site is also available. In spring 2004 I assisted with Education 204, Learning and Reflecting on Mathematics, and I taught Calculus II for several term recently . Click on Lab Course for MHC's "bridge to higher mathematics," Math 251, which I taught in Spring 2005. From I100, Quantitative Reasoning, Fall 1999, you can access the Malthus Lecture and the Mathematical Modeling Lecture.

Contact Information

At MHC: Phone Ext. 2820

At Home & About: Phone 413/536-0788


Office: 1 Woodbridge (across Park Street from the church and across Route 116 from the US Post Office) Click on the small map below for more detail.


Below I list some of my current interests, along with links to publications and presentations.

Gender Equity in Mathematics Education  Dynamic Geometry Software
Constructivist Learning Model  Inclusiveness in Mathematics
Functional Analysis  Mathematical Modeling
Angle Trisection  


In June of 1999 I had the honor and pleasure of participating in the First Interdisciplinary Conference of the International Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture, which was held in San Sebastien (Donostia), Spain, at the University of the Basque Country. Under construction are some pages devoted to Conference presentations. Some of the things I presented there can be reached through my geometry pages. Further information can be obtained by contacting me by e-mail. This section is Under Construction!

Barrallo & Jones

Click below for their spectacular fractal images.

Coloring Algorithms

Robert Reid

Robert does amazing mathematical drawings, as well as dissections of cubes. Click below to see a couple of his planar dissections.

Reid's Dissections



Sculptor Keizo Ushio splits his red granite doughnut! Click on the image to see more of Keizo's work at ISAMA 99; click on Keizo to link to his home page.


Frank Geary's Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.

ISAMA took a field trip to Bilbao. Taking in Geary's architectural wonder and the sculpture of Chilida were two of the incredible treats for conference participants. Click on the museum image above for more views of the museum exterior.