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Interview with Hussein Aideed."

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Hussein Aideed is the leader of the Somali National Alliance, a member of the Hawiye clan, and also is the co-chairman of the Somali Reconciliation and Restoration Council (SSRC), a group that is opposed to Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG).

In the interview that occurred between the IRIN and Aideed he displayed strong resistance to the TNG for the reason that the organization is not comprised of members from all the clans within Somalia, as opposed to the SSRC which has members from the five main clans in the country. Aideed and his organization expressed strong opposition to the transitional government and claimed that the government was mainly comprised of individuals who were imported from outside and that a large amount of their support comes from outside the country.

Although the TNG has been established in the country strong amounts of opposition still faces the government. The reporter in the interview raised the question of why should people listen to the SSRC and Aideed replied that they still have large amounts of control over the country and can pose to be a large threat to the established Transitional Government.

"They want to control Somalia through Islamic rule, not democracy, and we are pro-democracy." The SSRC controls large amounts of land within the country as well as the seaports and airports that are vital to the country. Aideed proposed an establishment of a democratic government that would be founded upon a Constitution. Meanwhile, Aideed is also consumed with the idea of obtaining power for himself and eventually becoming an influential figure in the country. This raises the question of whether Aideed has motives that are not being expressed.

The SSRC has high hopes for Somalia, but will they be able to transform the country without leading Somalia into another civil war.


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