Somalia News


"Aid Worker Kidnapped in Somalia."



Somali gunmen have kidnapped a U.N. worker in Mogadishu. The man abducted is a Somali citizen who had been working for the U.N. Children's' Fund (UNICEF). This recent abduction is the first time an U.N. staff member had been kidnapped in Somalia for almost a year.

The clan warfare that has engulfed Somalia since the overthrow of Siad Barre in 1991 has made the country an extremely volatile environment for people. Somalia remains such an unstable country that many relief agencies are reluctant to place personnel in the country. The lack of any military stability in the country has made the Somalia one of the most dangerous places on earth. Until a secure environment can be established in the country there is little hope to be able to obtain aid from outside organizations, which then leaves Somalia to rebuild itself from the inside out.


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