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"IRIN Interview with Hassan Mohamed Nur."

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Colonel Hassan Mohamed Nur is the leader of the Rahanwein Resisitance Army (RRA) and co-chairman of the Somali Reconciliation and Restoration Council (SRRC), which is the main group voicing opposition to the Transitional National Government. The RRA is opposed to the transtional government because they have some cultural differences from the remainder of Somalis and believe that government officals have not addressed their concerns.

Hassan Mohamed Nur was a former member of the transtional parliment in Somalia but withdrew from his postion because he felt that issues relevant to himself and his people were not being addressed. The RRA believe that Somalia should adopt a federal system of government where the people help to create a government that represents their interests and is controlled by them. hassan Mohamed Nur wants to see that his people are no longer marginalized from the political system.

The major clan differences that exist in Somalia have caused many problems for individuals who attempted to establish a stable and efficent government. Until the government of Somalia agrees to include the voices of the people of all religious, cultural, and ethnic groups whitin the country it will remain impossible to establish a secure and steady government.


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