Somalia News


"US Watches Somali al-Qaeda Links."




The United States has grown increasingly concerned with evidence they have received about terrorist cells in Somalia. General Tommy Franks, head of the US military's Central Command, said that the United States government could not rule out the possibility of military intervention in Somalia. General Franks has recently been visiting nearby neighbors of Somalia to discuss "the global war against terrorism and other related issues of security co-operation, as it relates to training, the sharing of intelligence information, and security assistance efforts that we have ongoing in the region."

Although the Transitional National Government has been in place in Somali from August 2000 the country still remains very unstable and fragmented which makes the country a potential haven for terrorist groups. Ethiopia, along with the Somali Restoration and Reconciliation Council (SRRC), has continually asked international coalitions to intervene in Somalia.

Ethiopia has a particular interest in the political stability of Somalia since it shares a border with Somalia. Ethiopia has become increasing worried that the spread of Islamic fundamentalism which has already begun to infiltrate into Ethiopia.

U.S. warships are already stationed off the coast of Somalia, which has led many to believe that it will be the next target in America's war against terrorism.


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