Somalia News


"UK Planes to Spy On Somalia."

By Daniel Nyassy

The East African Standard



British troops have been given permission to use Moi International Airport in Mombassa in order to run an air campaign to monitor the Somali coastline. Since the events of September 11th a large majority of the world has been focused on combating the "war on terrorism." The United States and its allies have recently begun to focus their attention on Somalia as a potential haven for terrorists. Somalia's lack of a centralized government in the country could possibly allow terrorist organizations to operate within the borders.


The British planes are on a mission to monitor the Somali Coast. British military troops along with German forces are going to continually maintain surveillance over the Indian Ocean waters all the way to the Horn of Africa. The flights are intended to prevent al-Qaeda militants from escaping to Somalia.


German and British military leaders have promised that their forces will remain in the region for "as long as it takes."


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