Somalia News


"War Clouds Over Mogadishu."

By Dan Connell

Addis Tribune



Somalia in recent months has become a focus of concern for nations fighting the "war" on terrorism. Since 1991 there has been no effective state in Somalia die to the withdrawal of support of superpowers after the end of the Cold War and also the regional disputes among clans. Based upon its relative anarchy in the country, some believe, it is a potential haven for terrorist organizations.

The situation has continually worsened for Somalia since the September 11th attacks. Somalia is a desperately poor nation, which faces the prospect of becoming the next military target for the United States on its campaign against terrorism.

Somalia is a nation that needs the aid of other more powerful nations to help them rebuild a stable government. The United States government should, instead of taking military action against Somalia, should help to strengthen the Transitional National Government so that they will have the capability to reunify the country and expel any potential terrorist organizations.


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