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"Puntland Leader Ready to Join United State."

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Jama Ali Jama, the President of the self-declared region of Puntland, has pledged to join a united Somalia once there is peace in the region. The leaders of the Puntland government have declared willingness to join a federal system within a united Somalia.

Jama Ali Jama was appointed President of Puntland after his predecessor, Andullahi Yusuf, was voted out of office for attempting to prolong his three year mandated tenure. Tension has existed between militias, loyal to Yusuf and Jama, in the region since the appointment of Jama in November 2001.

Jama is extremely hopeful that the Somali reconciliation talks, scheduled to be held in Kenya later this month, will help to bring peace to the region. Puntland leaders are very hopeful that the talks will be "a giant step for the reunification of Somalia."



"Somalia 'success' blunts al Qaeda campaign."

Rowan Scarborough



United States government officials believe that Somalia has the potential of succeeding in their battle against terrorism. Initial operations reveal that the diplomatic pressure placed upon Somalia and the intensive surveillance conducted by the United States and European nations has prevented al Qaeda from reestablishing operations on the Horn of Africa.

Due to the successfulness of America's campaign to keep al Qaeda out of Somalia the United States has decided to scale back its surveillance of Somalia.

Prior to the events of September 11th, the instability in Somalia proved to be a safe haven for al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. During the early days of the 'war on terror' Pentagon officials privately discussed about Somalia as being the next battle ground for their war against terror. Although information about al Qaeda's whereabouts is not well documented analysts are relatively confident that Somalia is not becoming the next haven for terrorists.

Leaders of the Transitional National Government, as well as other leaders, have been extremely helpful to the United States by allowing them to search the country for terrorist camps. "A defense official says Somalia's lack of a central government or adequate security forces makes it 'a potential haven for some al Qaeda terrorist members'."


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