Somalia News


"Somali Warlord Seeks to Renew Ties to US."

By Ron Kampeas


Hussein Farah Aideed, a warlord in Somalia is attempting to renew diplomatic ties with the United States. Hussein Farah Aideed is the son of the late General Farah Aideed, who was the warlord who directed the 1993 uprising of Somalis' against US forces. While Hussein is currently a warlord in exile in Ethiopia, prior to 1996 Hussein was actually a naturalized United States citizen living and working in California.

Hussein desires to return from exile and he hopes that the United States will return to help battle the terrorists' organizations that may be spreading to Somalia. Aideed's life bridges two distinctly different cultures. Aideed joined the marines in 1987 and became a United States citizen four years later. Officials within the United States government are often undecided whether Aideed is a friend or a foe of America. The political situation in Somalia is currently very chaotic and the United States is often unsure about whom to solicit help from as they attempt to battle terrorism.


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