Somalia News


"US Tries to Get All Factions in on Somali Peace Talks."

By Katy Salmon



Preparations are continually being made for the Somali reconciliation conference that will be held in Kenya later this month. Peacemakers continue to work together to convince all faction leaders to attend the talks so that all the groups can collectively work together to solve some of the major problems that exist in Somalia.

In order for this conference to be successful all parties involved in the political structure of Somalia need to be included in the discussion. "We have very many political parties. We have many factions. We have the TNG. And we want everybody to be involved and to participate. If any one of those is left out, then I am afraid our next conference will also not be a success." The U.S. is playing a key role in attempting to persuade the armed opposition groups to attend the conference that will be held in Nairobi.

Individuals involved with the conference are being optimistic since groups, such as the RRA, have agreed to attend this round of peace talks.

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