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"Somalia's Looted US Flag Returns Home."


Somali Warlords Still Control Much of Mogadishu


Diplomats from the United States have recently met with political leaders in the Somali Transitional Government as well as other groups opposed to the government. Diplomats attempted to urge the Transitional Government and their opposition "to ensure that the area under their control should not become a safe haven for al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups."

One of the most poignant moments during the diplomats' visit to Mogadishu was the return of the battered US flag, embassy seal, and bronze eagle, which were looted from the embassy in 1990 when the coup of Siad Barre's government occurred.

Many people including US diplomats fear that the lawless nation of Somalia could become a safe haven for terrorists. President Abdulkassim Salat Hassan, the leader of the Transitional National Government, has stated that Osama Bin Laden would not be welcome in the country and the government has pledged to help the United States fight terrorism.


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