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"Somaliland President Dies in S. African Hospital."

Daily Champion

May 4, 2002


Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, the President of the breakaway area of Somaliland, died in a South African military hospital on May 3. Many political experts were fearful that his death would create a temporary power vacuum in Somaliland. Egal was receiving medical treatment in South Africa and he passed away during an operation.

Egal had been President of Somaliland since 1993 when the House of Elders, which acts as a parliament, chose him. Egal was often described as a "Father figure." He was also instrumental in promoting political harmony that has helped to lead to peace and stability in Somaliland over the past few years.

Many people feared that the political turmoil that might occur because of Egal's death might encourage Ethiopia to take advantage of the situation in order to win its border dispute against Somaliland's neighbor Eritrea.



"Somaliland Appoints New President, Begins National Mourning."

This Day

May 5, 2002



The breakaway republic of Somaliland began a weeklong period of national mourning to observe the death of their President. Senior Somali officials have named Vice-President Dahir Riyale Kahin as Egal's successor.


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