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Given, as we have seen, the relatively negative press that offshoring has gotten among politicians and the media, it is perhaps unsurprising to find that the majority of Americans hold a negative view of offshoring. A Foreign Policy Association/Zogby International poll in September 2004 found that 71% of American registered voters believed "that outsourcing jobs overseas hurts the U.S. economy." 62% said "that the U.S. government should tax or legislate against companies who engage in outsourcing." Furthermore, 53% believed that China poses that greatest economic threat to the US.[12]

In contrast, a March 2004 poll of economists revealed that only 16% viewed outsourcing "as having a significant impact on the over-all job picture." Perhaps more importantly, they said that the political remedies being suggested - such as tax incentives for companies who stayed in the US, or penalties against those who outsourced - "are virtually guaranteed to make things worse."[13]

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