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I study nanoscale science, through the use of a scanning probe microscope (SPM). A small cantilever and tip (tip radius = 10 nm) is brought close to or in contact with a surface to measure local properties. Topography, magnetism, elasticity, conductivity, and much more can be locally mapped out in this way. There are applications to materials science, device physics, and cell biology, to name just a few. My primary work focuses on electrical measurements on non-traditional semiconductors like organics and nanocrystal quantum dots.

I am also active in the public communication of science and in discussions on women in science and diversity and inclusive teaching practices. I published Short in Academe in Inside Higher Ed. I organize SciTech Cafe, a monthly event at Union Station in Northampton that strives to share the excitement that scientists have about their work with people who have little or no background. Food and drink are available, and families are welcome.  Listen to a discussion of what SciTech is and does from my appearance on The Bill Newman Show on January 22, 2015.

I am presently searching for a post doc, with an anticipated start date around September 2017.

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CV (updated June 2017)

Awards and Honors:  

Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement Cottrell Scholar 2009

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), 2010.

NSF Faculty Early CAREER Development Award, 2010.