Photo of K. Aidala

Kathy Aidala was an undergraduate at Yale Univeristy, where she was a double major in applied physics and psychology and worked in the lab of Rob Schoelkopf on wavelength division multiplexing of radio frequency single electron transistors. She went directly to graduate school in applied physics at Harvard, working in the lab of Bob Westervelt. Her thesis was on imaging electron motion in magnetic fields in a two-dimensional electron gas. This involved designing and constructing a cryogenic scanning probe microscope. She continues to focus on scanning probe microscopy as a flexible techinque to study a variety of nanoscale systems here at Mount Holyoke College.

Courses taught include the full year of introductory physics, electronics, advanced quantum mechanics, a first year seminar on Science in the Media, and Women and Gender in Science.

In 2009, Aidala was awarded the NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award (CAREER), which led to the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in 2010.

A complete C.V. can be found here.