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My courses use MHC websites that require students to log in to gain access. This page serves to answer frequently asked questions, provide resources for other educators, and any other purpose that crops up.

I teach a first year seminar, "Science in the Media." The class consists of students who are taking the class for science distribution, and students who are considering a science major but have not yet taken even the introductory sequence of courses. Too often the introductory science courses focus on content at the expense of instilling a sense of excitement or understanding of the questions that scientists are presently working to solve. We look at current events in science, along with background reading that addresses how science happens (e.g. publications and conferences, the academic career trajectory) and how to be intelligent consumers of science news.

My course "Women and Gender in Science" may be of interest to a broad audience. We address the question, "Why are women under-represented in science?" primarily by going through relevant social science literature. We examine arguments for and against innate differences, socialization, and discrimination. We also look at what has and can be done to increase the number of women. Care is taken to address the fact that different scientific disciplines are different with respect to the representation of women, not only in percentages, but at what career stage those percentages drop and the explanations for why. Here is the syllabus from 2012, with readings linked when not in violation of copyright.