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While atomic force microscopy (AFM) has become a standard tool in materials science and related fields, the AFM is much more versatile than typically thought. Our research lab seeks to develop new AFM techniques and to perform creative, careful experiments with existing techniques that are not always straightforward.

The versatility of the AFM leads naturally to collaborations across a range of subfields, from mechanical characteristics of biofilms to magnetic nanostructures. The present focus of the lab is on electrical properties of non-traditional semconductors.

Facilties in the Aidala Lab at Mount Holyoke include an Asylum Research MFP-3D atomic force microscope with an enclosed heater stage (250 C), a current preamplifier on the tip mount, and an external magnetic field (2500 Oe in plane).

Many samples can be fabricated in the Arango Lab at Mount Holyoke College, which contains a triple glovebox system that has wet deposition and dry deposition capabilities (i.e. thermal evaporator and sputterer).

Further equipment is available at the neighboring University of Massachusetts, Amherst, including the facilities in the Conte Nanofabrication Cleanroom.


Publications *indicates undergraduate author

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Low temperature transport

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