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What are Reparations?

"Supporters of reparations speak of the plunder and destruction of the African continent, and of slavery itself, where more than 250 years of uncompensated black labor helped build America. Slavery has contemporary psychic and physical victims, the argument runs, in black poverty, violence, and the existence of two separate and unequal societies. Underneath and behind these are black despair and hopelessness, the worst heritage of slavery and discrimination."


What are Reparations? Page

Why Reparations?

"The notion of collective guilt for what people did [220-plus] years ago, that this generation should pay a debt for that generation, is an idea whose time has gone. I never owned a slave. I never oppressed anybody. I don't know that I should have to pay for someone who did [own slaves] generations before I was born." ~Henry Hyde~

$24 trillion for a black reparations fund (Jack White- columnist for TIME magazine)

Reparations: Linking our past, present, and future

"Reparation is about respect and resources. Japanese who worked successfully to obtain their reparations for the World War II injustices, speak about respect. They explain the unquenchable need to have their suffering acknowledged and compensated even if the compensation is more symbolic than substantial. Because their suffering had been recognized, they felt recognized and no longer ashamed. Psychologists have long pointed out the importance of an apology in the healing process." ~Johnita Scott Obadele~

"[black people's] need for capital is obvious to even our most entrenched anti-capitalists. Just as the five million newly freed people needed land, a means of developing the land and money, so also are the needs of their thirty five million descendants." ~Johnita Scott Obadele~


My Conclusions Page

Reparations: Guilt by Skin Color by Gregory Koukl

"This [reparations] argument makes sense because of a fundamentally racist point of view.... Put simply, blacks will always be the victims regardless of how much time has gone by, according to this scenario, regardless of how far away from the event one gets, regardless of what's been done to repair the damage. And whites as whites will forever be guilty, even if they individually never committed the slightest crime against anyone. It's guilt by association and in this case the association is skin color. Any way you cut it, that's racism." ~Gregory Koukl~

"Do we really want class-action lawyers leading the movement for reparations?" by Cedric Muhammad

"that nothing can be done by any government on this earth to restore the health, heart, mind and souls of Blacks that were damaged and destroyed as the direct result of slavery." (Cedric Muhammad)

Cedric Muhammed proposes "an apology from the United States government, income, payroll and capital gains-tax exemption for Blacks, for a period of time, monetary payments in the form of cash and gold"

Why Reparations?

"My bottom line is the form of reparations that makes sense is an impassioned recommitment to closing the opportunity gap. That's the reparations we are due. Not 40 acres and a mule, but world-class schools for our kids." ~Christopher Edley Jr., a Harvard law professor and an adviser to former President Clinton on race relations.

"Emancipation brought freedom, but not parity. The civil rights movement knocked down Jim Crow, but vestiges remained. Affirmative action created opportunities, but racism persists. So why shouldn't the great-great grandchildren of those who worked for free and were deprived of education and were kept in bondage not be compensated?" ~Kevin Merida~

Restatement of the Black Manifesto

The Black Manifesto attempts to show the relationship between slavery and the African-American community today when it states, "the injury survives in the overrepresentation of poverty, and all the pathologies it spawns, within the African American community. Not least of such pathologies is self-hate, lack of confidence, and lack of self-understanding."

An Apology and Reparations for Slavery? by Jay Parker

"The fact is that the problem facing black Americans has nothing to do with a legacy of slavery and, as a result, can hardly be ameliorated by "reparations." The problem is that many black leaders persist in this direction, the fact vitiate their claims." ~Jay Parker~

"It's time to talk about reparations for slavery" by Lance Morrow

"...the black holocaust is far and away the most heinous human rights crime visited upon any group of people in the world over the last five hundred years." ~Randall Robinson~