I'd like to thank my roommate, Lauren Elizabeth. Without her constant diligence, kindness, and wonderful help, this website never would have happened. By preventing me from any room cleaning, taking me to Cindy's, exploding our fridge, and laughing with me when I was really close to losing it, she kept me sane. Legs, you are more precious to me than gold!
I'd also like to thank Professor Ferraro for encouraging me to make this website. I feel much more competent and web-savvy for having struggled for two months with reparations and the World Wide Web.
Thanks to my Mom for getting me started & keeping me going.
Thanks to BETH, who is the most wonderful sister a gal could ask for. (See, I put you in here, my Pookie!)
I have to thank all of the wonderful women on Floor Two for distracting me when I needed it (this includes you, Marty). You are wonderful & I love you!
Thanks to all the people who took the time to look through my site and comment on it! All of your input really helped to develop the finished product.
Now that I feel like I've won an Emmy or written an award-winning novel, I think I'm done. Thanks for THAT! :)