Arguments Against Reparations

Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks- and Racist Too
"7. The reparations claim is one more attempt to turn African-Americans into victims. It sends a damaging message to the African-American community."
An Apology and Reparations for Slavery?
"At this point in history, the problem facing black Americans has nothing to do with the legacy of slavery and, as a result, cannot be ameliorated by 'reparations.'"
Reparations: Guilt by Skin Color
"First, reparations are not going to the ones directly injured. Reparations are not being paid by the ones who did the injury. Reparations are being paid by those who are not guilty of the harm. And reparations are being paid to those who were not directly injured and are generations removed from the crime."
Slavery Reparations: Neither Side is Winning Friends
"If you oppose paying reparations to African-Americans for slavery, does that make you a racist?"
40 Acres and a Luxury Sedan
"Black Americans have achieved unprecedented progress. Persistent problems have more to do with the disintegration of the family structure than the continuing legacy of slavery."