Recently seen Jesse in concert?
Take any great photos of Jesse either on or off stage?
Want to share your photos with Jesse and with other fans?
Then submit your photos to

Jesse appreciates all the support from his fans around the world and wants to give you the chance to share your concert/festival photos. It's fast, simple, and easy to do!

1. Go to one of Jesse's gigs and bring a camera.
2. Take photos of Jesse and his band either on or off stage (Posing w/ Jesse after the show is okay!).
3. Email either your photos or link to your photowebsite to
---Include your NAME, the DATE, and the CONCERT/FESTIVAL you attended in the email---

That's it!

Some of the submitted photos will be added to the website. Remember, we can only give you credit if you include your Name, Date, and Concert that you attended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Jesse Brock actually see my photos? -Yes! Jesse will personally look at all of the photos that are submitted. While he is often busy on the road performing and at home writing new material, Jesse knows that the fans keep the music alive. He aims to give his best performance each time he steps on stage. Jesse is as devoted to each of you as you are to his music.

Why isn't my photo on the photo site? -Fortunately, bluegrass festivals draw huge crowds of fans and are many times sold out. If everyone brings a camera, then there are lots of photos -- too many to post online. However, your photo is kept in an archive. Website photos are many times rotated, so while your photo is not currently shown, check back later and you may see yours displayed. Just remember, that even if your photo is not posted to the site, Jesse will still see the photos you submit!

My photo is posted but my name is missing! -Jesse wants to give YOU credit for your own photos! But in order to do this, you need to include your name in your email. If you don't include a name, you can't be appropriately thanked for the photograph.

Will my photo be used on Jesse's next album? -You own the rights to your photos. If you send Jesse your concert photos, he will never use them for commercial purpose. Submitted photos will only be displayed on Jesse Brock's Photo page so that other fans can view them.

Can I also submit photos my vacation? -While Jesse supports family outings and natural wonders, photos should be of Jesse and his band. You are encouraged to take beautiful photographs of waterfalls and mountains, but please only submit photos that are directly related to the music and the people.

I just went to a festival and took 214 photos of Jesse! Can I send them all?! -Your enthusiasm and dedication is greatly appreciated! If you could please pick and choose your "best" photos and send those. There is no photo maximum, but Gmail may reject the email if there are too many attachments.

Can I submit photos from a concert 3 years ago? -Yes! Jesse would love to see all of the photos his fans have taken over the years. Just remember to include your Name, Date, and Concert Location in the email!