Who was Joseph McCarthy?

Young McCarthy

Young Joe McCarthy, 1930
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Young Joe McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy was born on November 14, 1908 to Roman Catholics Timothy McCarthy and Bridget Tierney in Appleton, Wisconsin. Both of his parents came from an Irish background and worked on the family-owned farm. As a child, Joe attended a one-room school with all eight grades learning in the same building. After graduating at the age of 14, Joe started his own chicken farm business and managed to raise 2000 laying hens for four years. After his business folded, McCarthy became a manager at the local grocery store. At the age of 21, Joe enrolled in a high school with 14 and 15 year olds. Despite the fact that he was embarrassed by his seniority, McCarthy successfully completed the 4 year curriculum in one year. Following his graduation, Joe enrolled at Marquette University in Milwaukee. In 1935, he graduated from law school. Joe then ran for district attorney but loss the race. Undeterred by defeat, McCarthy ran for the judgeship in his county and won. On January 2, 1940, he was sworn in as a judge.

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Judge Joe McCarthy

Joe McCarthy was known as a kind and compassionate judge who truly cared about the people he was serving. In many court cases, McCarthy often require fathers to pay child support for divorced and impoverished mothers.

Captain McCarthy
With the encouragement of his friend, McCarthy joined the Marines during World War I. In 1942, he was given a leave of absence by the Board of State Judges.He served from January 1942 to February 1945. To obtain the Distinguished Flying Cross, McCarthy exaggerated the number of combat missions he flew in the log he submitted to the government officials.
Senator Joe McCarthy

In 1938, McCarthy ran for the Senate position in Wisconsin. After he losing, he ran again in 1946 and won. As a senator, McCarthy took an anti-labor stance. He helped pass a bill to end sugar rationing. Critics nicknamed him, "Pepsi-Cola Joe" for helping the soft drink industry also campaigned against public housing, calling it a "breeding ground for Communism". When the US Supreme Court was prosecuting German war criminals for slaughtering 72 American soldiers, McCarthy actually defended the war criminals by accusing the US government of abusing the prisoners. As he neared the end of his first term, many of his colleagues were weary of him.


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