McCarthyism: The Aftermath

McCarthyism had many detrimental effects on people.

Many hard-working citizens had loss their jobs because they were labeled as "Communists". While many fired college professors returned to their jobs in universities, public school teachers could not. Those who retained their jobs realized that their career has been destroyed. Many, like Owen Lattimore, failed to convince everyone that they were in fact innocent.

McCarthyism also had a huge effect on the psychological aspect of life. Innocent people had to go through the trauma of being prosecuted by their own country. Relationships were destroyed because one could never know who to trust or would turn you in.

The children of the accused were victims as well. Their peers at school were often told by their parents to stay away from them.

Finally, McCarthyism stifled progress and individual expression. The witch-hunting of the 1950's forced many leftists to go underground. It discouraged people from proposing reforms because doing so would mean persecution by the government.