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First Semester

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This course is a preparation to becoming an independent researcher. The specific research goals will be different for each independent researcher but the course will have common assignments and grading scheme.


Midterm paper and final paper: There are two papers required for this course, a mid-term paper and a final paper. Both papers should be modeled after a journal article for the Journal of Chemical Physics. The topic of the paper will be your research findings. If this is your first semester, your research will be comprised of the independent tutorials. Half the grade of the paper will be based on the research goals you have achieved and the other half on the paper itself. If you are writing a thesis, the midterm paper can be a chapter of it. The final paper should be the whole thesis and submitted according to the departmental thesis guidelines. You need to submit the midterm paper by email to the whole research group. Be sure that I am included in that email. Your final paper should make use of the comments made by your reviewers and can just be submitted to me.

Reviews: You need to email each individual group member a review on their final paper. Be sure to cc: magomez at This review should comment on the research ideas and what can be done to improve the paper. Use the standard review format of the Journal of Chemical Physics.

Grading Policy:

  • Mid-term paper (March 24th) 30%
  • Reviews (April 7th) 20%
  • Term Paper (By the end of finals) 20%
  • Participation 30%

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