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Zafer Senocak------------Main Menu: Key Figures-



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Author, journalist, and one of the most important figures in the debate on multiculturalism. [1]

Senocak acknowledges the problem of integration based on the current economic conditions in Germany, leaving most Turks without the jobs that they had migrated for. Moreover, he critiques the negative way in which the Turkish-German relations are being addressed. According to Senocak, better relations, as well as, Turkish accession to the EU are necessary in order to deal with the hostility that the Turkish migrants face. [1]

Suggested Readings:

Feuer und Eis, (Fire and Ice, 2008)-Explores the question of integration through the notion of the German majority alienating itself from the Turkish minority. [1]

(Works Originally Only in German:)

Das Land hinter den Buchstaben, (The Country behind the Letters, 2006)-Argues against the notion that deems Turkish integration as a failure, as Senocak believes that no true integration policy has been enforced and addresses the great need to include the migrants in society. [1]

Deutsche Turken-Turk Almanlar, (German-Turks,1993) -Argues (with Claus Leggewie) the possibility for an immigrant to be both Turkish and German. He proposes the better integration of Turks through increased state efforts in including Turkish migrants into the German society by: bettering “vocational education,” easing the naturalization process, enforcing more rigorous anti-discrimination laws, and etc. Leggewie emphasizes his view on the notion that the German society must accept the Turkish minority as part of their community.[1]

Readings for Further Insight:

German Version: Feuer Und Eis [2]
English Version: Fire and Ice [2]

"A Genocide Denied"[3]

"Atlas of a Tropical Germany" [4]


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