“The world has started down an ambitious and efficient road to tackle its most daunting environmental problem, and there is no turning back.”  (Grubb, xlii)1

Looking down this road to the future, we have many obstacles to overcome.  Knowing that a Global Interest does exist and that the preservation of the environment is a large part of that Interest does not immediately allow us to leap about the globe and implement laws and regulations that we "think" will help in the long run.  We must focus on the future without taking our eyes off the present.  Without cooperation, trust, and a commonly understood goal, we could lose the fight to save our atmosphere, our world, and ourselves.

    Subaru's Fall 2000 Drive magazine's cover states the matter clearly:

"Can The Human Race Survive The Human Race?"

I certainly hope so.

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  1) Grubb, Michael with Christiaan Vrolijk and Duncan Brack, The Kyoto Protocol: A Guide and Assessment. London, UK.  ©Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1999.