The entire world must define what the best conditions for human life on the planet consist of.  These conditions will obviously include:
            *Clean Air
            *Clean Water
            *Food for everyone
            *Economic stability
            *Good Health for all

    The current problem is that the order of importance for these conditions is different from nation-state to nation-state.  Some place the economic stand as a prerequisite for the food, air, water, and health.  Some place the clean air and water as the necessary elements that allow the economic and health advances.  We must decide on the "proper" order for these elements of our "perfect" world.

How can we implement the Global Interest?

        This interest must encompass everyone and everything on the planet now and for the future.  This may sound like an insurmountable task, however, it is necessary, and as the proverb goes:  "What must be done, can be done."
        Taking into account that we must help those people already living on this planet before we can really attack the issue of saving future generations, we must look to the present problems of starvation, unsanitary conditions, and rising poverty levels.  If the population of the world wants to be healthy and have enough energy and food to support themselves, it needs to work on some alternatives from what we've got right now.
        If not alternatives, per se, then at least a more efficient set of systems.  If we began to use our water, food, and energy more efficiently, we could actually manage to get along much better than if we just came up with a new energy source to exploit.

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