What can one person do?

        One person's voice may be heard through many different means:  Poetry, music, artwork, essays.  Each of these things is a person's voice that is being conveyed to a larger audience.  The first step is to make people aware of the ideas you have regarding the subject.

        If you have some work you wish to share with the larger audience, please feel free to email me and I will add it to this page of links.  Thank you.

Please email me if you have comments, would like to contact one of the artists, or have contributions of your own.

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        Institutions can do a lot in the effort to save us from ourselves.  Some links in this section lead to non-profit organization websites, some to more commercial institutions.

    * The Hunger Site
            A site to fight world hunger.
    * EPA
            Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.
    * Tom Brown, Jr.
            Wilderness survival, tracking, and conservation philosophy.
    * Sirius Community
            A "Center for the Evolution of Consciousness" : community
            living under alternative energy.
    * Clean Water Action
            A non-profit organization in the USA, they deal mostly
            with water issues, canvassing, letter writing campaigns.
    * PIRGs
           Public Interest Research Groups: links for states and issues.
    * VOLVO
           The Volvo company puts out several publications about the future
           of their industry, some scholarships, interesting material about
           their operations.

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