A Brief View of Senegal's History in Terms of Colonialism


1588 - The Dutch chose the island of Gore'e to be one of their slave port.

1659 - The French established themselves on the Island of San Luis, at the mouth of the Senegal River.

1677 - The French seized Gore'e. A year later the Treaty of Nijmegen confirmed the conquest.

Throughout the next 100 years there was much dispute between France and Britain on the ownership of Gore'e.

1807 - Great Britain had control of Gore'e, they decide to abolish the slave trade.

At the end of the Napoleonic Wars, France regains control of Gore'e and San Luis Island.

1815 - The French officially agree to abolish the slave trade. Slave trade on the black market however, thrived. Not until the heavy presence of the British navy become apparent did the slave trade stop all together.

1848 - France emancipates all of its slaves.

1956 - The Federation of West African States controlled by France is formally dissolved. The territories now were responsible to a certain degree for their own governments.

1958 - The Franco-African Community was established.

1960 - Senegal gains its independence from France.

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