Measuring Velocity

Important: the animation below does not seem to run on Macs or iMacs. Please use an up-to-date web browser on a PC or Linux machine!

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Start the following animation of a simple moving object, and use the buttons underneath to control the animation. You can stop it, restart it, move through one animation step, etc. You can read time in the upper left corner, and measure position by clicking with the mouse. Note: time is in SECONDS, and position is in METERS. Then answer the question below.

Start animation


Question: What is the velocity of the object when Time=2.00? Estimate a numerical answer, and SAY IN WORDS how you got it. Type your answer into the textbox below, and when you are satified with it, click the SUBMIT button. Be sure to use measurements of position (click the mouse in the grid) and time to solve this problem, and explain your method in words. CAREFUL: Don't forget to SUBMIT!! The SUBMIT button is at the very bottom of the page. If your forget that last step, your work will disappear "as if it had never been."