History from 1747-1978

 Soviet Afghan War

 Taliban Rule


Facts About Afghanistan

Afghanistan borders Pakistan, Iran, the Soviet Union, and China.

The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. Due to many wars throughout its history, the capital lies in ruins.

In the nineteenth century the Soviet Union controlled the borders in the north while Great Britian controlled the borders in the Southeast. Both colonial powers took huge swaths of land from Afghanistan thus creating a centuries worth of border conflict and wars.

The Afghan People:

Population estimates range from anywhere between 21 million and 26 million people

The majority if inhabitants belong to one of four main ethnic groups: Pashtoons, Tajiks, Uzbeks, and the Hazaras People

Pashtoons are the larget group and have domniated politics througout Afghan history.

The Afghan people speak about 30 languages

The Pashtoons speak Pashto

The Tajiks speak Dari

The Uzbeks speak Uzbeki

The Hazaras speak Dari

99% of all Afghans belong to the Islamic faith, though there are small pockets of Sikhss, Hindus and even Jews.


Present Day Afghanistan:

Afghanistan is in ruins due to several wars over the past century including the war with the Soviet Union (1978-1988).

Currently 90% of the country is ruled by the Taliban Regime which has instituted strict Islamic law, leading to even more deterioration of the country.

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