Laura Nasr

Current Class Year: 2010

Major: English

Minor: Philosophy

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What I Do

I teach classes in Excel Basics, PowerPoint Basics, and PowerPoint Intermediate. I also assist with basic Dreamweaver and Photoshop classes.

When I am working at the desk in the Information Commons or the MEWS, I assist guests with printing, software, and networking problems. When everything is under control, I work on further developing my skills and on projects for the Peer to Peer team.

My goal is to help people use technology in such a way as to make their work better and more efficient. Often, this results in them using the software in unexected ways.

My Plans

One of my areas of expertise is editing. With that in mind, one of my projects for this semester will be to edit all of our handouts so that they are clear, concise, and free of typos. I am also working, in response to student demand, to prepare a new course and handout in advanced use of Microsoft Word, and I may modify our existing course in Microsoft Excel to include a focus on making and editing charts.

Need my help?

I am available for brief questions in the MEWS from midnight to 2 AM on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, and in the information commons from noon to 1 PM on Saturdays.

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