Where's Kashmir?

Kashmir is officially known as Jammu and Kashmir and is located on the northern boarders of India and Pakistan (Jammu and Kashmir. This was the site where the information came from, but on our last trial run of our web site, it was not running. http://www.ummah.net/kashmir/). About 12 million people reside in Kashmir, 70% of which are Muslim (Jammu and Kashmir). India, Pakistan, and the Kashmirs, each believing they should control Kashmir, are disputing the "ownership" of Kashmir. India and Pakistan share the territory according to the boarders set in the cease-fire that occurred in 1949.


Selected Quotes on the Independence of Kashmir:

Founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah:

"After the lapse of paramountcy(sic) the Indian States would be constitutionally and legally sovereign States and free to adapt for themselves any course they wished. It is open to the States to join Hidustan, Pakistan or to decided to remain independent. In my opinion they are free to remain independent if they desire."

Last Viceroy to India, Mountabatten:

"The Indian Independence Act releases the States from all their obligations to the Crown. The States will have complete freedom- technically and legally they become independent."