African Virtual University
A course in Distance Education
Elementary French for beginners
Using "French in Action" by Pierre Capretz
by Professor Nicole Vaget


Class Schedule:

The total number of weeks of instruction will be 26, corresponding to the 26 chapters of Part one of the workbook. There will be 3 sessions from October to May corresponding to three mini-semesters, with 8 weeks in the first mini-semester and 9 weeks in the second and the third.
Students will follow the same routine every week:

Program for each week of the semester:


Material required for the course

For teachers and students
  • The Text book: The Capretz Method, French in Action, a beginning course in language and Culture, Yale University Press
  • 26 videos corresponding to each lesson of "French in Action"
  • The workbook, Part 1
  • 26 audio-tapes to accompany the workbook Part 1
 For teachers only
(not required in this course)
  • The Instructor Guide/Part1
  • The Study Guide/Part1
 Hardware material
  • VCR (magnétoscope)
  • Audiocassette player (magnétophone)