Xinyi Pan

Current Class Year: 2012

Major: International Relations

Minor: Asian Studies



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Who am I?

Hi~ my name is Xinyi Pan, class of 2012! I major in International Relations with a Math minor. It's my second year here working as techcons. I love playing with my laptop (just got a mac this semester, so now I can use both pc and mac!), so that's how I learned these softwares. Photograghing and classical music are my other interests, and right now I'm struggling with Japanese so that I can understand TAKARAZUKA without subtitles. If you love computer games we could make really good frineds, but it's a pity that most computer games I love is not compatible with Mac OS.

What I teach?

Last year, I started teaching Dreamweaver basics, photoshop basics and excel basics. This semester I’m expanding teaching subjects, therefore, I will show up in:

Although I don't teach other workshops, I'm also skilled in

So don't hesitate if you need help!

What I do for my P2P team:

P2P is intensive, and it pushes me to improve skills. However, it’s fun to work with my peers and create something out of knowledge I have.

Help needed?

I can be reached at:

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