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Thucydides, a short bibliography

Nomoi ( Greek Law) bibliography

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L'année philologiquethe bibliographical data base for classics (on-campus only)

TOCS-IN: (searches tables of contents of classical journals)

Gnomon: bibliographic journal

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JSTOR: Classical studies journals

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Tholos tomb, Mycenae

Electronic Resources for Classicists

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World 

Rassegna Strumenti

Ancient Greek Law on the World Wide Web

Greek and Roman History, Prof. J. P. Adams

, Prof. J. P. Adams

English-Greek Dictionary, S. C. Woodhouse (U. Chicago)

Perseus Digital Library

  • Create Greek or Latin vocabulary lists for specific works

Perry-Castañeda Map Collection, U. Texas at Austin

Index of Maps of Ancient Greece (B. Suzanne)

Metis: Greek Archaeological Sites (requires QuickTime 3 or higher)

Athenian Agora Excavations

Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents; and Imaging Inscriptions

Papyrology at Oxford

Duke Papyrus



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(Temple of Apollo at Delphi)


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The Seven Wonders of the WWW (slightly silly stuff for the classically inclined)

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