Seven (+) Wonders
of the World Wide Web

(slightly silly stuff for the classically inclined)


Listen to Prairie Home Companion's

Feel like reading a some historical fiction about ancient Greece and Rome??

  • "Ancient Greece in Fiction" page, where have you gone? (the wikipedia article isn't nearly as good).

  • The Detective and the Toga

  • Fictional Rome(home, all entries),Stockton College

  • Beyond Renault: Alex the Great in Fiction

  • Mary Renault essay (by Linda Proud)

  • Steven Saylor (his own site)
Graffiti from Pompeii (in Latin and English)

(Some not-so-silly)

  • Sophoclean stuff (some summaries of plays and suggested links)
  • Ancient Greek theater &drama (short article suggested by a patron of Jefferson District Library)
  • More on ancient Greek theaters and drama

Interactive online games (at your own risk)

  • Ancient Rome Board Games

And finally, some thing on the (actual) Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (History channel)