Treaty of Versailles, 1919

Political Disorder: The Weimar Republic and Revolt 1918-23

International Agreements

Stresemann Era, 1923-29

The Rise of the Nazi Party, 1933

Hitler's Foreign Policy and Appeasment

The Holocaust


Hello and Welcome to my website!

The twenty years between the two World Wars were extremely important and eventful. The consequences of those years are still being felt. In this website, I have described those years with a focus on Germany. I have interwoven my thoughts and reflections in my analysis of history in comparison to the present. The key concentration that I have chosen is the legacy of Versailles in those 20 years. The impacts of World War One and the blindness induced by gas that the soldiers experienced still remains (background of the header). Conflict continues to dominate the world and each year the brutality only increases.  Modern warfare had a loud and shocking start with trench warfare but continued to horrify the world with events such the Atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of the Second World War, unjustly making civilians victims of war. World War One may have come to an end but people are still suffering like the young soldiers that were gassed.

The militarism that Germany displayed in the 1930s is still a common sight in various parts of the world. Disarmament is still an unachieved goal. The problematic themes that were present at the start of the 20th century still continue to affect the world. The attitude of crushing or taking advantage of another nation is not unique to Versailles. This is shown simply by mapping Germany for 20 years and analyzing Hitler’s aggressive foreign policy. Was there truly a peace settlement in 1919? After all, people had to fight in World War Two again and even though the allies may have won again it came at the cost of millions of lives. Although, another world war has not happened; conflicts, especially of ethnic background, and subsequent oppression continue to cause the deaths of many, many innocent people. When will the madness end? The question now is why don’t we learn from history?

I hope this website gets you thinking. Enjoy!


*This website was created for Vinnie Ferraro’s World Politics class at Mount Holyoke College.  Much of my reflections were based on what I learned in this class. Moreover, the basic historical information found in this website was acquired in my AP European History class taught by Ms.Amy Seefeldt at Woodstock School, India and my IGCSE History class taught by Ms.Spencer at The British School, Nepal. Thank you for everything that you have taught me. *