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The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, otherwise known as East Timor, is located in the eastern half of the island of Timor which lies off the northern coast of Western Australia. The island of Timor is located in the Indonesian archipelago between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. The island is plagued by monsoon rain followed by a dry season. The official languages are Tetem and Portugese, but more than 30 languages are in use today. The majority of the population adheres to a sect of Christianity, predominantly Roman Catholicism. Both Islam and animism are practiced as well.

East Timor is an extremely poor country. The economy is based predominantly on agriculture which employs over 90% of the population. Their only significant export is coffee, which remains East Timorís most important source of income. Due to the civil conflict 75%-80% of primary and secondary schools were partially or completely destroyed, but have been repaired since. Since itís independence East Timor has received aid from the international community.