This website has been designed to give the reader some insight on the involvement of the UNCHR in the Kenyan Refugee Crisis. The main links of this page are arranged below, and will appear as a side bar in subsequent pages, In order to have a understanding of the current situation, background information on the UNCHR has been provided, and it is suggested that that area of this site be looked at first. Next, find out about how the UNHCR defines a refugee. After those two areas, a look can be taken at where refugees in Kenya originate from, followed by what is currently being done by the UNHCR. Funding, and current constraints are also addressed, followed by how the UNHCR is working towards a solution.
 --What is the UNHCR? - Who is a Refugee?
- Where do refugees in Kenya originate from? - Setbacks in solving problems.
- What is currently being done in Kenya in regards to Refugees? - Financial information.
- Working towards a solution. - Sources used for this project.

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