Children of Darfur

The children of Darfur are suffering just as much as everyone else with the genocide. Hungry, scared, and helpless, the children, whom "make up more than 50 percent of Sudan's total population", are suffering (Geary p.1). UNICEF has constantly been trying to help bring aid to the children whether it is food, clothing, or shelter. The children are being brave so far. For the ones who haven't been murdered, they are seeking shelter at camps. They are distracted from the country's events by playing games with other children there, reconnecting to their childhood. But happiness will only last for so long. Untainted by the events so far, when asked what their opinion is to fix the problems in Darfur, the children responded, "Collect and take away all of the guns." When asked, "If I [a UNICEF worker] could deliver to the world a message from you, what would it be?", the children responded, "There is a camp in Fata Borno - we are here, please don't forget us" (Geary p.1).