REU 2005: Number Theory

(The picture above is of both REU groups and is thanks to Adrienne Rau. )

From left, Matthew Pragel, Rosica Dineva, Margaret Robinson, Jessica Sidman, Ricardo Portilla, Adiennne Rau, Jason Starr (Visitor), Frances Worek, Vince Lyzinski, Joanna Miles, Lisa Byrne, Sarah Gilles, Aaron Wolbach, Rex Cheung

The student participants in the number theory group were:

This work was produced under NSF grant number DMS-0353700.  We would also like to acknowledge the software package POLYGUSA that served as important learning and experimental tool. This package was written by Kathleen Hoornaert and Davy Loots under the supervision of Jan Denef at Catholic University Leuven.


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