REU 2007: Number Theory

(The picture above is of both 2007 REU groups and is thanks to Harriet Pollatsek. )

From left, Vicki Foss, Eleanor Birrell, Lisa Dudley, Mike Fink, Hillary Sackett, Ryan Eberhart, Margaret Robinson, Sohini Mahapatra, Sam Ruth, Zeb Engberg (up above Sam), Neal Lima, Jillian McLeod

Our work this summer resulted in a joint paper available below and several individual papers and presentations also below.

This summer the number theory REU group studied a double Poincare series associated to a polynomial over the p-adic numbers. This function of two variables is a natural way to combine the Weil zeta function and Igusa zeta function. This summer the group answered questions regarding the rationality of this double Poincare series, specifically for the case of elliptic curves. This paper extends the work of Diane Meuser in 1986 on a related function and relies on the findings of the 1999 Mount Holyoke College REU in number theory.
    Poincare Series of Weil-Igusa Type For Elliptic Curves  (paper)

The student participants in the number theory group were:

This work was produced under NSF grant number DMS-0353700. 

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