Software Disasters


General information:

This website provides a collection of links for other websites that deal with all types of computer bugs. The links are organized by topics. It also includes a group of links to websites that deal with more general software bug information.
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This website provides in depth information on viruses. Using the links a person can find information on new and old viruses, and free protection against them. There is information on how to combat viruses and how to protect your computer and your files from being infected.

This website is a record of a forum on risks to the public in computers and related systems. It offers a table of contents regarding a variety of different software disasters.


Airplane disasters:

The website is a report abstract released by the Ministry of Transport of Japan, regarding the crash of an Airbus plane, owned by China Airlines on the Nagoya Airport on April 16, 1994. The article describes the software problems at the basis of the crash and the proposals made by the investigating commission for safer flights in the future. The article also includes a link to the full report.


Medical disasters:

This website describes the history of a medical disaster due to software-related accidents in safety-critical systems that used a computerized radiation therapy machine called the Therac-25. The article talks about the development of Therac-25 and the ways in which it contributed to the death of several cancer patients.


Collections of articles:

The website provides examples of disasters attributable to bad numerics. The examples include: the Patriot missile failure, the explosion of the Ariane 5 rocket, and the sinking of the Sleipner A offshore platform in Norway.

This website is a collection of recent documentation on new software. You can find news bulletins, articles, and various links related to software problems.

Software Horror Stories including stories, reports, summaries and more. Some of the examples include the 1988 shooting down of the Airbus 320 by the US Vicennes, which was attributed to the cryptic and misleading output displayed by the tracking software. Several deaths resulting from inadequate testing of the London Ambulance Service software. Several 1985-7 deaths of cancer patients due to overdoses of radiation resulting from a race condition between concurrent tasks in the Therac-25 software.

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