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       Hi, my name is Sarah. Currently I live in Santa Rosa, California and work as a web consultant. I am originally from West Springfield, Massachusetts, where I grew up with my mother, father, and sister. Recently I graduated from Mount Holyoke College. My major was computer science and my minor was complex organizations.

        At college, I was the webmaster for The Mount Holyoke News and Bellatrix, the science fiction club. During each of my four years in college, I was elected as computer lab representative for my dormitory. For my work study job, I was a Central Support Student Web Technologist. At my job, I taught classes and provided consulting hours for faculty, students, and staff to help them create webpages for Mount Holyoke College courses.

        Currently I'm involved in a number of organizations. My local Macintosh Users Group, VIMUG, elected me as their newsletter editor and PR person. I'm a member of Apple's Student Developer Program, which is a group for students interested in developing for the Macintosh operating system. The program awarded me scholarships to attend Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in 2000, 2001, and 2002. I'm also a staff member at Cocoa Dev Central.