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My New eBook on Internships:

  • Power Internships - a guide to getting an internship at a Fortune 500 or top brand name company. The ebook is based on my experiences interning at Apple Computer and Amazon.com.

    Clubs, Organizations, and Websites I'm active in:

  • Valley Interface Macintosh Users Group - a club for Macintosh enthusiasts. I'm currently the newsletter editor and PR person for the club.
  • Cocoa Dev Central - a site for developers using Apple's Cocoa.
  • Apple's Student Developer Program - Apple's Developer Connection program for students. The program sponsors student scholarships to Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (I attended on scholarship in 2000 and 2001 and recently won a scholarship to attend this year as well).
  • The Mount Holyoke News - Mount Holyoke College's student newspaper. For the past two years, I have been the webmaster for this club.
  • Bellatrix - the campus sci-fi club. I've been elected webmaster from 2000 to the present.
  • Student Web Technologists - my student work study job, which involves teaching Mount Holyoke College students, faculty, and staff about internet technologies.

    Websites I have Appeared on:

  • Apple User Group Article - an article on Apple's user group site that explains about the user group breakfast socials at MacWorld San Francisco 2001.
  • Another Apple User Group Article - another article on Apple's user group site about the presentations and speakers in the user group lounge at MacWorld San Francisco 2001.
  • MacWorld San Francisco People and Parties
  • MWSF 2001 Photo Gallery - Chuck's pictures from MacWorld San Francisco 2001.
  • North Coast Macintosh User Group - the PDF newsletter file highlights an Apple product tour I was part of.
  • The College Street Journal - recognition of the Nation Science Foundation Scholarship I received.

    My Family

  • My Father's website for work
  • My Sister's Sailor Moon website
  • My Sister' artwork

    My Friends

  • Elena's Webpage
  • Li's Webpage
  • Richard's Webpage
  • Franny's Webpage

    Articles Written About My Friends:

  • MTV Internship - an article about my friend Franny's internship at MTV.
  • Biosphere Project - about the biosphere project my friend Li Dorothy participated in.


  • Java Script Linear Algebra - This page has used javascripts to preform such functions as calculating the products of matrices.
  • Javascript Tutorial - explains many pieces of javascript. A good resource for beginners.
  • The Javascript Source - a useful page that allows you to e-mail javascript source code to yourself. Contains many interesting javascripts.
  • Javascript Search - probably one of the largest javascript sites on the website.This site allows you to search for a particular javascript or add your own to their library.


  • Apple
  • MacAddict
  • MacWEEK.com


  • Western Massachusetts Linux & Unix User's Group (WeMaLU)

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