My research page.

Other experience:
Avid Technology - Codecs and Parsers Group (link)
Software Test Engineer and Quality Assurance Feature Owner

Nokia - Browser Development Group
Enhanced web browser capabilities in Nokia phones with printing support.

Simulation group (link)
Researched techniques to automate parts of the cerebrovascular segmentation algorithm.

Millfield Group plc
Technical Analyst for the IT department.

Virtual Reality ITR project at Mount Holyoke College
(group link)
The project I completed: thesis link
Developed techniques to improve the effective frame rate of ray tracers for virtual environments.

Virtual Environments at the University of Utah
(group link)
My work: summer page
Researched depth and speed perception in immersive environments.

IPG Photonics
- R&D lab (link)
Developed a simulation to test and improve their experimental amplifiers and lasers.

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